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Are you the proud owner of a new digital SLR or had one for a while and not sure how to use it?

Do you rely on either the automatic button or those little icons on the dial showing mountains and runners etc?

Do you want to achieve better results from your time behind the camera but are dazed and confiused by all those camera settings and how they work?

Would you like to take control of your camera rather than it controlling you?

If so then maybe one of our workshops is ideal for you!!

All our workshops are tailored to your individual requirements as they are done on a one to one basis unless it is friends booking together.

There is not a predetermined script so as to ensure that you get the most from the day by answering the questions you have and allowing you to practise what you learn as well as asking questions that you may not want to if in a group

There are many locations in and around the area I live that we can use so that you can learn how to control aperture, shutter speed and ISO as well as exposure compensation so as to be able to create images you are proud of along with achieving different effects within your images

In addition I can come to a location that you may want to photograph (reasonable travelling distance) so we can discuss the actual issues involved in getting the specific shots that you want to achieve. 

We can also look at things such as wildlife photography where we would go to one of the many local wildlife parks

Prior to any workshop taking place we would have a conversation on the phone so I can get a better understanding of what you want to achieve and any specific issues you want to cover. As well as offering follow up support once the workshop has finished by way of e mail or phone

A half day course lasts for 4 hours and a full day is 8 hours and we offer gift vouchers if you want it as a present for someone. With regards ages of people attending the course we are happy to work with all ages and should it be a young person for a family member of friend to be in attendance

Pricing for workshops is;

Half day - £95.00

Full Day - £150.00

This includes all travel to locations used during the course

Only additional costs would be entrance fees to any specific sites 

Get in touch to discuss by way of either e mail or mobile number which are on the contact us page

Hand Holding a Camera
Winter Photographer
Man with Camera
Nature Shot
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